Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tent Makeover

Not the greatest but at least it looks better than before.

1st Patrol

So our first patrol went well.  We pretty muched rolled in the Stryker for 3 hours.  I got to get off and walk around once.  It was boring but boring is good. Here are some pics from that.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st Time Out

Yay!!! We finally get to go out of the wire tomorrow.  We will be going out on a patrol. It should  be fun. I'll let you know how it goes along with pics of my new and improved living space. Deuces.

1st Squad AKA The Fun Bunch

Me, Adams, Sgt Rudd, Siemoniet and Twombly

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Night Opolski and I Almost Died! Kinda... Sorta... Not really

As you now know, we have been living in tents.  We dont have much to furnish our rooms with so any piece of furniture that we see is like gold.  So last night as Ski and I walked back from dinner chow we came upon two awesome cabinets that would fit nicely in our "room".  We picked it up and started carrying it back to our tent. All of a sudden we heard a loud explosion. BOOM!!! We immediately knew that they were mortars. I froze and forgot what to do.  Next sound I heard was wood hitting the ground. I looked to my left and saw Ski running full speed towards the mortar shelter, so I did the same. We sat in there for about 15 minutes as about 10 mortars came in. We could see the flash from them which seemed only about 300 meters away from us.  We swore they kept getting closer so we decided to get on the ground and cover our faces like we saw in the safety video.  We stayed on the ground for a couple of minutes until we decided we had to make our move.  We grabbed our furniture (cuz that shit is priceless here) and proceeded to run back to our tent. We cut through the night like we were on a special ops mission, mortars exploding every few minutes. We did that for about a quarter mile until we saw people walking around like it was no big deal. We finally got to our tent and were surprised that no one seemed to be in any kind of panic or alert. We asked them if they had heard the mortars and the replied they had but they were OUTGOING! Ski and I walked to a corner and laughed our asses off! We couldnt believe we were those cherries that everyone talked about. We swore never to tell of our rookie mistake and Im not. We didnt say we couldnt write about it.

My Awesome Living Space

This is my amazing living space. Its not much now but just give it some time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Days In Iraq

Well I just got to Iraq a few days ago. Its kinda what I expected. Still living in fucking tents but at least we can modify our own little space. I'll post pics later. I'm also glad that its not as hot as Kuwait. That place was fucking scorching. Seems like things are pretty much under control in this area. Which is good and bad. Good cuz its secure but bad cuz we might get bored really easily. Luckily Sgt. Rudd and the gym are here to fill that boredom. Ill post back tomorrow with some picks of our tent. Deuces

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Bell, Me and Dill in Ireland waiting for our flight